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The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate began establishing the parish of Grace Park in Caloocan City upon the suggestion of his Grace Michael O'Dodherty,DD,the archbishop of Manila,in 1946.
Seeing the need to continue their apostolate among the youth and the poor, the oblates assigned Fr. William McGrath, OMI, to open a Notre Dame school in Metro Manila particularly in its own parish, Grace Park.
     In 1963, a two-and-a half hectare property was brought from the archdiocese of Manila. Fr. McGrath opened the elementary department of Notre Dame of Greater Manila with only 266 students from kindergarten to grade 5. the Highscool department opened at 1965.the student isteadily increased.
     In keeping with the true Oblate spirit of evangelization, Notre Dame of Greater Manila opened an evening class for the indigent but deserving highschool students in 1975.
     In October 1983, the High school department set its sights on accreditation by the Philippine accrediting Association of schools, Colleges, and the universities(PAASCU), where the school submitted itself evaluation by a team of outside accreditors for the continuous upgrading of quality education.
     A premilinary survey was scheduled on February 22-24, 1984 and consequently, definite sectoral plans emerged in the form of "recommendations" which became the core of the school's development plan.
     Notwithstanding the successful years of accreditation, the intervening years, 1986-1989 brought about some significant changes in the organization and institutional outlook of the school.
     Meanwhile, the problem concerning back wages claims of the employees in the implementation of wage order Nos. 5 and 6 and P.D. 451 together with the mandated ten-peso increase for every employee under R.A. 6640 was addressed the incumbent Director on March 23,1988.
     The further articulates its Visin-Mission, the community Extension services Program(CESP) was officially launched on September 2, was started with some activities.
     Notre Dame of Greater Manila offered courses in Electronics, Computer secretarial, and automotive Machanic in 1990 through its de Mazenod Skills Training(DMSTC).
     there are such imorovements of the facilities in 1989 to 1991 like the chapel, laboratories, etc..
     Five years after the official recognition  of the Vision-mission, Notre Dame of Greater manila published its Vision-mission primer. 

"NotRe Dame" was thE namE suGgeSted by ReV. Fr. JosEph BoyD, OMI for thE fiRst OblaTe sChoOl foUndEd In MiDsaYap in 1941.
The reasOn gIven Was thE "NotRe DamE" meaNs "Our LaDy", thE BlEssEd ViRgiN MarY, anD this iS suItaBle iN viEw oF the strong FiliPinO deVoTioN tO thE BleSsed VirGin unDer thE tiTlE ImmaCulaTe ConCepTion.
The NotRe DamE of GreatEr ManiLa seAl waS deSignEd bY aN OblAte prieSt,fr. NataLio TabAda. GREEn iS thE colOr Of NoTre DamE siGnifyIng joY anD HappIneSs. GOLD aNd BLUE thesE arE thE offIciaL coLors of NotRe DamE as Colors hOnoriNg thE BleSsEd MothEr.
the CROSS siGnifIes the OblAtes CrosS and thAt the SchOol is A caThoLic schOol.
The FLEUR dE LIS meaNs LoyalTy. The TOWER sigNifIes HopE and CotaBato. The LION with thE CROSS rePresEnts ForTituDe or CourAge.
The moTto "UT COGNOSCAN TE"(thaT thEy maY knOw yOu) is tAken froM thE gosPel oF st.JohN.


Vision - Mission Statement

   We the Notre Dame of Greater Manila a marian community inspired by the oblates charism evangelizes throuh quality education and form upright and globally competitive christian Filipinos.


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